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The quick and easy assembly and dismantling, the minimum space requirement for storage and the light weight makes Garden Guard an indispensable professional tool for any garden owner. Expandable, easy to use and highly functional, GardenGuard offers serious growers, hobby-gardeners and garden owners new opportunities for full enjoyment of their plants and crops, together with enhanced growing results.

    An Ingenious Idea! 

Experience plant protection in new dimensions. Fast, simple and absolutely safe. Conventional plant protection methods like metal & plastic tunnels cannot keep pace.

 Why? GardenGuard™ is assembled less than 60 seconds, and is disassembled in the same time.

Whether against heavy rain, storms, intensive sunlight or animals - protect your plants whenever you want, however you want, wherever you want. 

   Patented Construction. 

GardenGuard™ is built like a tent and has an innovative, patented pop-up system for the fastest possible assembly and disassembly. It takes less than 60 seconds to assemble this mobile protection tent and position it over your garden bed or patch and anchor it to the ground.

   Flexible module system.

Not only does GardenGuard™ provide an easy, fast and situation based assembly and disassembly, but it also provides maximum flexibility. Whether in width or length, thanks to the flexible module system you have the possibility to simply expand your GardenGuard™ with as many extension-modules as you require.